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With the help of all modern digital communication possibilities, the world of logistics is highly customer- and solution  oriented. Customer satisfaction is central to this. With ever-increasing competition and economies of scale, the logistics policy around the customer must be built up into a distinctive strategic and cost-effective success formula. A formula that needs to be evaluated year after year and adjusted if desired. And, of course, there must be a willingness to move along with the market developments and wishes of the clients as long as they are within the formulated core activities.

My goal is a sharp focus on customer satisfaction, efficiency and cost control.

My experience

Read more about my experience and background in the world of logistics. How can I help achieve your goals?

Market dynamics

Today brilliant and tomorrow again outdated. Welcome to the rapidly changing world of logistics and client dynamics.


Clear goals and right focus. A good sales team asks the right questions and comes up with the right solutions after an analysis.

People's business

Happy employees make happy customers. Coach your sales to the next level. An investment with a high return.

Growth. Innovation. Trust.