Do I still have enough attention for my employees?

Do I still have enough attention for my employees?

Does it ever happen to you that fixed values within your company suddenly come in with the announcement that they have found a new challenge? Or that the employee comes with the message that after 3 requests to be able to work shorter, and did not receive an answer, resigns because an opportunity was offered elsewhere? Sometimes it was considered that the function / salary building needs to be revised again, but it does not happen, while you can see that there are injustices in it.

Turnover in personnel can be healthy for the company let’s put that first. But of course it must be part of a total HR policy. There is nothing pompous about that. A good personnel policy is essential in a company. Especially for service providers. For the starters to management, there will have to be a plan to get the best out of the employees and staff. The requirements of the younger entrants are completely different from the employees who joined the company 15-20 years ago. Do we want to bind this new generation to us and are we ready for that with our conditions?

There are companies where there is no possibility of any connection between the employer and employee. No attention to the wishes of man, too little appreciation and therefore a sickened atmosphere. Yes of course salary is also a factor. A salary must meet normal criteria that you can expect from the job. But essential is the point that people are allowed to be creative, to take responsibility themselves, to be interactive between the client and the rest of the company. Getting things done and feeling that within the company everyone is doing their stinking best to put the customer first.

That requires building a culture. A culture that does not come from itself. And if there is a wrong culture, it will not go away by itself! That needs to be built on firmly. Not by the director, not by the MT, not by the chiefs department. No, everyone within the company will have to make a contribution and dare to address each other in a constructive way. That requires energy, but that always pays off. A customer who walks away because he is not treated adequately and indifferently always costs a lot of money. You know the examples yourself. At best, he wants to come back to you, but not on the best terms.


  • Take a good look at the personnel manual, how long ago was it written?
  • Is part-time, shorter working, working from home, pension geared to the new generations?
  • Is my staff structure well put together in terms of age?
  • Does the flow meet my wishes?
  • Are there enough opportunities for the talented employees?
  • Do dissatisfaction signals not get stuck too much between the shop floor and the MT or is the MT the absorbing factor that should be looked at?
  • Are the employees given sufficient freedom for creativity and are they allowed to take responsibility?
  • Are we convinced that we are prepared to build a solid new culture that can take us into the future?

Time to reflect?

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