Ask questions and questions, find out the customer's real needs.

"If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful."


What should we do to bring the commercial teams to the required level and advise what choices to make? Does sales have the right mission? Does sales sell that service that can be provided by the organization? Underlying customer needs are adequately analyzed and quotes are not created that are only used as benchmarks. In short, are there sufficient buying signals, are they well understood and adequately answered?

Coach the sales team

If the price is clear and the positioning is clear then there is also a clear proposition to the market. Translating this to the customers and prospects is the task of the sales team.

Coaching such a team is often intensive and requires a lot of attention. Given the importance of a decisive and successful team, an investment in this is quickly worth while.

In addition to clear goals, personal skills are of great importance. Understanding the market, the competition but certainly also interest and knowledge of the customer needs are essential.

In addition, working together as one team is important for success and internal and external communication is essential for smooth running processes and the continuity of the relationship.


Growth. Innovation. Trust.